Corona-virus and Bali

Bali has also been affected by the Corona virus! All schools are now closed and normal life has almost come to a standstill. It is a catastrophe worldwide, and certainly also for Bali, which is so dependent on tourism. The tourists who are still there want to leave for their own country as soon as possible, and it will take a while before the tourist flow starts again. We keep in touch with the people there digitally, but at the moment we do not know when we can return there ourselves. Our trip is scheduled for early July, and we hope we can travel then, but it is highly questionable whether this is possible. In any case, we will go as soon as it is possible, because it will be clear that support is needed now and later even more than it already was !! We wish all our sponsors a lot of strength in these unreal times and keep you informed, as far as we can, of the situation of our sponsor children and their families in Bali.