Expenditures 2020

The total expenditure in 2020 was 42,662 Euro.

Most of the expenses concern the school costs for the children and the special corona contributions for the families. These amounted to resp. 25,077  euros for 208  students and thanks to the generous contributions of our sponsors, 10,473 euros extra to support the families in the difficult corona times.

The other expenses amount to 7,112 euro, and are divided as follows:

  • Projects: 5,929 Euro, for which we bought 25 laptops for students who went to class 10.
  • Office costs: 188 euros; renewal of software licenses, and various smaller office costs .
  • Travel and accommodation costs: none this year, because we could not go to Bali. The settlement of the payment was done by our volunteers on site, who did not receive any compensation for this.
  • Website costs: 69 euro.
  • Financial costs: 842 Euro, an accounting of the exchange differences.
  • General costs: 84 euro.

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