Financiën 2018

Expenses 2018

Total expenditure in 2018 amounts to 27.471 Euro.

Naturally most of our expenses concerns the sponsor money fort he children, a total of

22.569 Euro for 218 children.

The remaining expenses were to cover the following costs:

* Projects: 4.343 Euro, for which we bought 15 laptops, to be distributed amount students going to senior high school (class 10), and a number of smaller, individual projects, solving special needs of some of our students.

* Office costs: 97 Euro.

* Travel- and accomodation costs (excluding ticket Amsterdam-Bali v.v.): 580 Euro. Accomodation and local transport costs, and a small fee for our Balinese contact persons.

* General costs: 511 Euro. Representation costs, developing and sending foto’s and mail from Bali tot he sponsors.

* Financial costs: -629 Euro, concerning the difference in exchange rates throughout the year.