Who we are

Hetty en Tjeerd

My name is Tjeerd van Dijk (Chair)
Like my parents, I was born in Indonesia. My grandparents from my father’s side are originally from Friesland. In 1955 our family had to move to the Netherlands due to the political situation. In 1988 I decided to go back to Indonesia to visit the house where I was born, in Jakarta. Three years later I also visited other islands of Indonesia, including Bali. And since 2003 I have been back to Bali every year. What struck me was that I met children on the beach, while they should be at school at that time. When I asked them about the reason, it turned out that their parents did not have sufficient money to let them go to school, and had to get a loan at the bank to pay the costs. And if there was not enough income to pay back the loan, there was only one solution: keep the child at home. This motivated me to start helping them and was the beginning of what now is the Foundation, officially established in February 2010. So now I visit Bali very year, to visit the schools, the family and the children, and monitor the activities that are funded through the Foundation. Every time again this is a wonderful and gratifying experience!
My name is Hetty Winkel (secretary)
I got acquainted with the Foundation through Tjeerd van Dijk, who was my class mate at the primary school in the fifties/sixties.  We met again after 45 years through our mutual interest in Bali.  In September 2010  I accompanied him on his year visit to Bali, and when shortly afterwards he asked me to join the Board of the foundation, I gladly accepted.  In my previous work at Utrecht University I was involved with capacity building projects in so-called developing countries, so this kind of activities were already close to my heart.

My name is Simone Winkel (finances)
Let me briefly introduce myself to you, being the new Treasurer of the Foundation as from April 2018.
My name is Simone Winkel, born and bred in Mijdrecht. I am 48 years old and live in Mijdrecht with my partner Frank. Together we have four grown-up sons, three of which still live with us at the moment. Presently I am working as an independent professional in home care.
With the boys grown up, I have time to do more things on the side. So when Tjeerd asked me if I would like to take over the position of Treasurer from Hans, I did not need much time to think about it and say yes. I am happy to contribute to a Foundation of which I am 100% convinced the money is spent exactly how it is meant to be!