Successful plant sale

Saturday May the 12th 
In the early hours Frank and Gerrit went to the breeders to pick up the plants for our yearly plant sale. Like last year, we had a stand in front of the HEMA. Thanks to them for this nice spot and we’re also very thankful that we could borrow their stand. While Frank en Gerrit did their round, Tjeerd and Berry were building up the stand at the HEMA.
After the building of the stand and the arrival of the first cargo with plants (and the beautiful sunny weather) it was starting to look like a beautiful day. A little while later Simone, Irene and Nel arrived to join our team. The plants were gifts of various breeders from the region Mijdrecht,  for which we are very grateful.

 In the morning it was busy. Many people supported ScholingsProject Bali by buying several plants, like perennials, annuals and houseplants as well. It quietened down a bit at noon, but with a final sprint in the afternoon we sold almost everything. A big thanks to everyone who contributed to Scholingsproject Bali on May the 12th.

 We had a lovely day and with € 837, we had the most successful plant sale ever.  And we hope to see you next year at our yearly plant sale!

Board Scholingsproject Bali