Expenses 2017

Total expenditure in 2017 amounted to 25.210 Euro.

Naturally most of our expenses concerns the sponsor money for the children, a total of 18.993 Euro in 2017, for 215 children.

The remaining expenses were to cover the following costs:

  • Projects: 2.892 Euro, for which we bought 10 laptops, to be distributed among students who were going to senior high school (class 10). This was made possible by a special donation of a Foundation
  • Office costs: 634 Euro, including the expenses for sending mail from Bali to the sponsors in Europe and the US.
  • Travel- and accommodation costs: excluding the travel from Amsterdam – Bali v.v. , but including accommodation and travel costs on Bali.
  • Website: 148 Euro.
  • General costs: 326 Euro, smaller expenses on Bali, such as developing photo’s.
  • Financial costs: 1540 Euro, a bookkeeping item, concerns the difference in exchange rates throughout the year.